• Should you fix your mortgage rate now?

    Mortgage rates are on the increase after hitting historic lows over the past few years. The best deals are vanishing, especially 5 year fixed rates, so should you fix your mortgage rate now? Where are mortgage rates headed – and how quickly?

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  • The Mortgage Market Review; what does it mean for you?

    The UK financial services industry regulations have changed a lot in the past few years as a result of the loss of confidence in the sector following the credit crisis of 2007-2008. The most recent set of changes are contained in the Mortgage Market Review, which came into effect on 26th April 2014.

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  • Time for a closer look at 'Let to Buy'?

    Many London home owners are seriously considering moving out of the metropolis to take advantage of the value to be found in the regions, but are loath to give up the capital appreciation potential of their London property. If the next 30 years is like the last, their London property will be worth many multiples of its current value by 2044. So how do you hang on to your investment in London, capitalising on your good fortune to own such a property? One solution for such a conundrum is ‘let to buy’.

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  • Annuities and interest rates

    Could it be that a lack of demand for gilts by the insurance and pensions companies will further reduce their price and increase their yields, in a similar effect to that predicted to result from the tapering of QE? With less downward pressure on interest rates from both the tapering of QE and the loss of pension providers’ appetite to buy gilts to match annuities, it could be that there will be further upward pressure on fixed interest rates.

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  • Welcome to our new website

    Here at Private Finance, we are constantly looking for ways of improving our service to our clients and this news article is to update you on our latest developments. As you can see, we’ve launched a new website that makes it easier for potential clients to see the benefits of using first-class independent mortgage advisors. But that's not all.

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  • Will 2014 see the first interest rate rise for 7 years?

    The Bank of England Bank Rate (also known as the ‘Base Rate’) has not risen since the summer of 2007, when it peaked for 2 months at 5.75%. It fell rapidly as the credit crisis took hold, hitting 0.5% in March 2009, where is has been ever since – at a record low.

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  • Is it time to fix your mortgage rate?

    In recent weeks it has become increasingly clear that the historically low fixed rates offered to borrowers with substantial deposits or equity may have gone. The cheapest 5 year fixed rates were on offer last year at below 2.5% but are now closer to 3.0% in response to an increase in the cost of wholesale funding.

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Simon Checkley has assisted me on my mortgage and loan requirements for a number of years now and he always delivers the best value, lowest interest and repayments and exceptional service. This time when there was a tough deadline and the pressure was on - he was ably assisted by Chloe Leavesley who was relentless in following up Scottish Widows and Optima legal keeping me posted at every stage and making the impossible possible. Great team - really appreciate the support with terrific service. If I was a prospective client I would be seeking these two out!
Another excellent service from Private Finance thank you Tim and Maniksha, superb, 5 stars, we will be using you again most definitely. Rob Swiney
A great service, thank you guys.
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